Professional Portfolio Construction


We believe that only through disciplined investment analysis can a portfolio with characteristics of value and strength be built.


Our investment process accounts for key quantitative and qualitative factors which help us identify companies that exhibit high levels of stability yet maintain a proven ability to grow.


To help achieve this objective we place a high degree of importance on diversification, financial strength, global exposure, and skilled management when building investment portfolios.

Private Clients


Our compensation structure incentivizes KAI to not only protect your portfolio but also continue growing it into the future


We are committed to transparency in how we charge fees, how we report performance, and how we communicate with our clients


Personnel at KAI Asset Management are dedicated to providing priority service and will be readily available via office, email, or phone to serve your needs


We consider it a privilege not a right to be your investment manager. Our promise is to continually be thorough and disciplined in our investment approach

Investment Portfolio Qualities

Investment Diversification

Diversification across sectors and asset class

Sector Focus
• Financials • Industrials • Healthcare
• Consumer Products • Enterprise Technology

Targeted Assets
• Stocks • Bonds • Real Estate
• Private Equity

Global Reach and Transparency

Companies that have international scale exhibit certain desirable traits

  • Geographic diversification provides protection
  • Transparent and strong corporate governance
  • Ability to grow into new markets

Stability and Strength

Companies that exhibit financial strength and business stability are paramount

  • Strong balance sheet
  • Conservative use of debt
  • Requires minimal capital to maintain
  • Consistent high free cash flows
  • Competitive moat and pricing power

Proven Leadership

Management can turn a good investment to extraordinary with skilled capital allocation. We assess management by analyzing the following:

  • Mergers & acquisitions success
  • Business re-investment results
  • Share buyback execution
  • Dividend history